Excellence runs through Harris family at Waverly High School

Keshaun, Keenan, Jaice and Brea are all star athletes
Published: Feb. 9, 2023 at 6:02 PM EST
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DELTA TWP., Mich. (WILX) - High school athletes are competitive.

Sometimes that will to win just runs in the whole family.

The Harris family, whose kids are in the Waverly Community Schools District, embody just that.

“Go after what you’re passionate about,” said Jimmie Harris. “And as long as you give it a hundred and ten percent everything else will fall in line.”

“Work hard work hard and give it your best,” said Casena Harris.

They tell that to their four kids day in and day out.

“It’s been huge,” said Keshaun Harris. “I think the competitive nature is kind of built in my family. Since I was younger it’s kind of always been instilled in me.”

Keyshaun is a former Warrior track and football star, now on the University of Michigan’s football team. He was in town during the offseason to watch his younger brothers Keenan and Jaice play during Waverly’s win over Holt on Friday.

“It’s kind of cool for a big brother, you know to watch your little brothers play,” Keshaun said. “I’m kind of on the other side of things but you know, it’s good to come back and every once in a while and you know, watch the little brothers play.”

Keenan, a junior, and Jaice, a sophomore, say they’re always grinding to win, and use their older brother as motivation.

“It’s always just constant competitiveness. At home and driveway playing basketball,” said Jaice.

It’s big,” said Keenan. “It gives me like motivation, you know, work hard just like he did.”

The Harris’ aren’t done yet; there’s one more sibling left to compete for the Warrior: Brea Harris, who’s in 5th grade.

“She watches their mistakes and their success and I think she’s taking it all in,” said Jimmie. “She’s quiet but she’s looking at everything and taking it in. I do think she’ll be probably the best...the best out of all of them.”

“She’s definitely competitive, probably the most competitive and she’s talented, you know,” said Casena. “It’ll be fun to watch her.”

“Little do people know, she’s the best one,” said Keshaun. “so I can’t wait until you know, she gets to high school and starts doing her thing.”

Jimmie and Casena were both star athletes at Benton Harbor High School.

As of writing, the Warriors are highly ranked in division one and are on top of the CAAC-Blue, tied with Okemos.

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