22 Mid-Michigan schools to receive funding for more police in schools

The new officers are expected to begin in spring.
Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 6:58 PM EST
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WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WILX) - When you send your kids to school, you want them to get a good education, but you’re also probably concerned for their safety.

22 school districts in Mid-Michigan received state funding Tuesday morning to get more police officers in schools.

Ingham County had a total of six districts receive funding. Eaton County had three districts receive funding, and Jackson County had eight. Hillsdale County saw a total of nine districts that will get funding to have more police patrolling school halls.

News 10 spoke with a district getting funds, and they all look forward to the peace of mind that new safety measures can provide.

Julia Pelletier is a sophomore at Williamston High School.

“I mean I feel like we all think about it every day,” Pelletier said. “We hear about all that stuff happening, and then you think, ‘is that gonna happen to us today?’”

“Me personally, I think about it a lot, because I see it all over social media,” said Williamston sophomore Anna Coss.

Williamston students said they generally feel safe at school, but they know the extra security is helping to prevent school shootings.

“When events happen in different schools, it’s definitely on my mind more and it makes me more scared,” said Margaret Sinke, Williamston senior. “With newer police officers roaming the schools, it makes me feel better.”

Superintendent Dr. Adam Spina said aside from getting more police in the schools, Williamston added a new psychologist this year.

“School safety has really become where I spend the majority of my time,” Spina said.

They’ve also added mental health programs, and are working on getting more exits for emergencies.

“Making sure that we’re continuously adding layers of security to provide both a deterrent, but then also be proactive in supporting our students’ needs,” said Spina.

Students said they appreciate the effort and Williamston teachers do as well. The school just had Michigan State Police do safety training with their teachers.

“Violent things can happen anywhere, but I think by putting a full-time social worker in place, and then with the presence of the law enforcement, I think it will really help,” said Robert Duffey, Williamston High School teacher. “I think problems arise when you have angry kids, or kids who feel like they don’t matter.”

They want new officers in the buildings as soon as possible, which they estimate would begin this spring.

For the full list of schools that will be getting more police officers, click here.

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