Rural areas across Michigan face internet issues

“It’s always an issue”
Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 5:50 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -Technology connects people around the world and having an unreliable connection can be detrimental.

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Heather Lewis lives in Williamston and constantly deals with her devices not loading. Lewis is a teacher at Williamston High School and does a lot of work from home.

“There’s never a moment of the day at home where it’s not an issue. Either your phone, your tv, your computer or whatever kind of work you’re trying to do leisure activities,” Lewis said. “It’s always an issue.”

Three Michigan companies are planning to invest millions of dollars to build a fiber route that stretches from Southfield to Lansing. This communication line will pass through underserved towns.

Collin Rose, President of DayStarr Communications said, “If you look at what’s happening to the traditional communications network that has been in place for many years, cable and copper telephone lines are kind of reaching the capacity that they can provide.”

Rose is directly involved with the project and said partnering with the other companies helps reach more residents dealing with issues.

“It gives us a great way to get connected to the broader internet and that’s really important to us because as a provider we need to get connected to the internet to serve our customers,” said Rose.

Lewis said a better connection would change her life.

“Even just the leisure time being able to watch a streaming show from start to finish I haven’t had that ever really,” said Lewis.

With the new project underway, Lewis should be able to enjoy her shows again and work without being disconnected.

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