What the Tech: How to fix a slow computer

These simple tweaks may speed things up.
These simple tweaks may speed things up.
Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 3:55 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - We’ve all been there: you’re holiday shopping, or just surfing the web, and your computer slows down at the worst possible time. Consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker has some tricks you can try before buying a new one.

The good news is: computers are lasting a lot longer. The bad news is the older they get, the slower they get. These simple tweaks may speed things up.

First, check to see what programs are running by looking at the Task Manager, either Ctrl Alt Delete, or seating for Task Manager in settings.

Each process is using memory or CPU. We saw Google Chrome operating with 22 processes eating up about 24% of the CPU and 1.6GB of memory. Chrome is a memory hog, so close the tabs on your browser that you’re not using, or restart Chrome altogether.

Go to Settings, choose apps, and then startup and turn off any apps you don’t need when you first turn on the computer. Your PC should start much faster.

Many people just put their PC into “sleep mode” when they’re not using it for a few hours or overnight. Instead, turn off the machine a few times each week. It will keep things running smoothly as well as install any Windows updates when you start it up next.

If it’s an older computer, consider upgrading to an SSD, or solid-state hard drive. These cost about $100 and will make your computer feel brand new. Everything is going to be fast. It’s a good idea to have a computer shop do it for you.

While you’re at it, ask if your machine needs more memory.

These tips are not exclusive to Windows PCs, some could speed up a Mac computer as well.

Remember: never take a phone call from “tech support” offering to speed up your computer. Those are scams.

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