Lansing church wants to stop the violence

Published: Nov. 12, 2022 at 10:07 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - People gathered at the Christ Kingdom Builder Church to talk about how to stop the violence.

In Lansing, 15 people have been killed as of November 2022. Christ Kingdom Builder Church said they had enough and they are talking about it. Michael Robbins knows what anger can do and he has seen it up close.

“I watched one of my friends get murdered on the north side of Lansing,” said Robbins.

He knew how destructive it can be and how many lives anger can take. Robbins says it is easy to act on that anger when you see it from others. but Saturday was about showing kids another route.

Pastors Christopher and Debra Maxie said addressing violence starts with talking about it.

“It is going to help be proactive instead of reactive in our efforts for children,” said Debra Maxie.

Christopher added, “we can love each other and value each other as God created each one of us then we’ll see more value in those lives and be less likely to take them.”

That means bringing older and younger people together. Genesis Terrell usually does his talking on the radio station 96.5 but said conversations like this need to happen face-to-face. He said they need to happen often, not just when crime happens.

“We got to be willing to come to the table from the older group and the younger group and bridge the gap. Bridge the gap has always been preached, but it takes more than one time. it has to be done every day right?”

That is why the church hopes to carry on the discussion.

“It’s our hope that through the music through the talks, through the speeches that we will fill our churches with youth who want to change,” said Robbins

The church hopes to have these conversations every year.

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