Lansing group is fighting back against gun violence

Published: Nov. 5, 2022 at 8:09 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - 15 people were killed across Lansing in 2022 and dozens of community members marched across the city of Lansing to try to stop the violence.

William Green was one of the people who were walking on Saturday. He has been a part of the Mikey 23 Foundation for two years and said he has grown a lot.

“Personally, how to be a leader. You know I’m one of the people who have been here the longest, so I’m expecting more from the adults so if somebody is acting out then it should be right to go over and fix that,” said Green.

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The Mikey 23 Foundation started after Michael McKissic was killed in 2015, it offers kids training in skilled trades to give them something to do other than violence. Something the Lansing Police Department has promoted since the start.

LPD Assistant Chief Rob Backus said the Mikey 23 Foundation is a group to help curb violence before it happens.

“We want to support them, we want to be behind them, in the community, and so that’s how we want to work together, we want to help them before the incidents happen,” said Backus.

The Mikey 23 Foundation teaches kids how to do all things ranging from building decks to roofing.

Founder Michael McKissic said stopping gun violence is a community affair, and all parties have to be involved to help turn the future around.

“If we don’t have more resources for our youth and we don’t pay attention to them, then we’re going to look back and say why did we not focus upon our youth and Mikey 23 is just one of the remedies we’re trying to do in the city of Lansing and trying to teach our kids, that instead of picking up a gun to commit gun violence in the city, pick up a hammer to build up your community,” said McKissic.

Next year, Mikey 23 Will host an event called “Walk in Our Footsteps,” which is a day of job shadowing.


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