Volunteers from Michigan Humane Societies help animals displaced by Hurricane Ian

As Florida residents take in all the damage from hurricane Ian, volunteers from Mid-Michigan are reaching out to help.
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:11 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - As Florida residents take in all the damage from hurricane Ian, people are reaching out from Mid-Michigan to help.

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Groups here are working to help animals left behind during the storm. Local humane societies show us how they are doing their part to reconnect pets with their families or find them a new home if needed.

Humane societies across the state are teaming up to save animals separated from their owners by Hurricane Ian. Some shelters already have staff in Florida to help provide aid to pets in need.

Matt Pepper, with Michigan Humane, said in some cases pets are left behind or owners stay with their pet throughout the storm.

“If there’s really anything that we can do to help we’re going to be there to provide that support from being on the water from being on the streets and that need is going to vary from house to house,” said Pepper.

The Ingham County Animal Shelter is also heading out to Florida in the coming days. Deputy Director Dan Verhougstraete said they’re ready to help with things ranging from rescues to placement.

“Our love for animals doesn’t stop at the Ingham County borders,” said Verhougstraete. “What we do is on site is transport them to their local facility and from there national organizations will step in and start organizing flights of the animals to other areas that can actually accept the animals right now,” said Verhougstraete.

Four volunteers from the Ingham County Animal Shelter are taking a truck down to the Carolinas or Florida.

Verhougstraete said the team is equipped with key items to help with rescues.

“When we encounter animals in the field, they’re often very scared we have different catch poles and things like that so that we can safely control them, they don’t hurt us, we don’t hurt them.”

Both shelters are hoping their efforts will bring balance to families and the animals they love after facing the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. If you would like to help, The Ingham County Animal Shelter accepts donations of crates and food. You can drop them off at their location in Mason.

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