Will voters decide the future of abortion in Michigan?

The Michigan Supreme Court has until Friday to make a decision.
Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 6:25 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Abortion rights advocates showed up in downtown Lansing Wednesday to on Michigan’s Supreme Court to let voters decide if abortion should be legal.

Update: Michigan Supreme Court rules abortion, voting rights proposals to be on Nov. ballot

The court is deciding whether or not a constitutional amendment allowing abortion will get a spot on the ballot. Right now, it’s a waiting game until that decision is made. That’s after a deadlock from the Board of State Canvassers on Aug. 31. Some of them wanted it left off because of spacing issues.

However, those who signed it said they had no problem understanding it. Dr. Paul Von Oeyen, an obstetrician, signed the petition.

“I signed it I had no trouble reading it. That’s a bogus excuse that the words are too close together. Anybody with a fifth grade education could read it fine,” Von Oeyen said. “I do not want anyone interfering in the doctor-patient relationship.”

In his nearly 50 years in the field, abortion has always been legal. He wants it to stay that way. However, on the other side of town, some stood firm, fighting for the other side.

John Dewitt stood on the block outside of Lansing’s Planned Parenthood. He tells me he doesn’t want the petition on the ballot.

“Somebody needs to speak up for them and to protect them. That’s why I’m here.” said Dewitt. “Laws that would eliminate abortion are laws that I would want to see in the books.”

Dewitt said if it does make it to the ballot, he hopes voters vote it down. “Meaning okay, that abortion continues to be banned in this state and hopefully eventually in this country and hopefully eventually in this world.”

Both men said they have no plans to stop fighting for their voice to be heard on the issue.

The Michigan Supreme Court has until Friday, September 9, to make a decision on both the abortion proposal and another proposal that would expand voting rights.

The court ruled Wednesday a proposal changing how term limits work in Michigan will not be on the ballot.

The November ballot needs to be finalized by Friday.


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