Where are Michigan’s mosquitoes?

“They need water.”
Where are Michigan’s mosquitoes?
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 5:47 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - You may have noticed one of our most popular summer visitors is missing in action. Some may refer to these pests as Michigan’s state bird - the mosquito.

It’s been quiet so far but, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

You can thank the lack of rainfall for keeping the mosquitoes away. Experts told News 10 “it is hard to predict what the mosquito population will be by the end of summer” because the hot, dry weather slowed their development from larvae into pesky adults.

Gabriel Thibault has mosquito bites on his arm and leg. His sister Raven is in the same boat with bites on her ankles.

“They’re not as bad as last year though,” Raven said. “They have cleared up a lot, but at night time they do start to come out.”

Raven said even though she hasn’t seen as many mosquitoes, they seem to be a little different this year.

“Yeah I’ve noticed that they’re a lot bigger,” said Raven.

Mariah Thompson said she’s happy she’s not seeing so many mosquitoes. She told News 10 that she had only seen four mosquitoes this year.

Michigan State University Entomologist Ned Walker said it is very possible that you haven’t seen any at all this year. The lack of rainfall in Mid-Michigan has caused a delay in the development of mosquito eggs. Eggs aren’t hatching – so the population has decreased.

“Say in a summer where we had had lots of rainfall episodes, their populations would build up over time. But this year we haven’t seen that. We’ve actually seen the opposite where they’ve gone into a decline with very low numbers,” said Walker.

But that could change. Walker said enough rainfall in a short period of time could put the mosquitoes back on our nerves, as mosquito eggs can hatch at any point in the summer – as long as there’s enough rainfall. The eggs can survive up to eight months before drying out.


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