Lawsuit seeks to disqualify Michigan Rep. Matt Maddock from Nov. ballot

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 4:01 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Rep. Matthew Maddock won the Republican primary race Tuesday for Michigan’s 51st District. That means he’s set to run against Democratic candidate Sarah May-Seward in the November election, with the winner of that contest taking the oath of office to serve as the district’s representative in the Michigan House.

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Maddock has taken the oath of office before, when he became the representative for Michigan’s 44th District, a position he still holds. That oath is cited in a new lawsuit filed with the Michigan courts, seeking to ban him from running for office at all.

The lawsuit argues that Maddock violated his oath when he participated in an illegal attempt to overturn the 2020 election. The plaintiff in the suit, Lee Estes, is a registered voter seeking to ensure that only eligible candidates are listed on the general election ballot.

The lawsuit states that Maddock “has ‘engaged in insurrection’ in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and therefore is ineligible to serve as a candidate for or a member of the Michigan Legislature.”

In November of 2020, months before a crowd would gather in Washington to try to change the 2020 general election by force, Maddock and his wife, Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock, told their followers repeatedly the election was stolen. At the time of writing neither has provided evidence for those claims.

Maddock wrote on social media at the time, “Who is available to go to (the TCF Center) right now to help monitor the vote? Need help.”

Huntington Place (called the ‘TCF Center’ then) is where votes were being counted in Detroit, a reliably blue-leaning part of Michigan. The lawsuit states Maddock “Attended and incited a mob of protestors to go to the TCF Center where absentee ballots for the City of Detroit were being counted by spreading misinformation about what was occurring there. The mob chanted “stop the count” and “let us in,” and pounded on the windows of the room. Police were needed to keep order. From inside the counting room Maddock posted a Facebook video with false information about activity in the room.”

The attempt to stop the counting of ballots in Detroit was stopped by police, though no arrests were made.

One month later, on Dec. 14, Maddock was among the lawmakers attempting to get 16 GOP fake electors into the Capitol Building to pass off fraudulent election documents. That effort was also stopped by police, though again Maddock was not charged with a crime.

A copy of the complaint is included below.


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