Coors introduces ‘Thirst Trap’ to ward off mosquitoes during the summer months

The Coors Light Thirst Trap is an attachment that can only fit on a can of Coors Light.
The Coors Light Thirst Trap is an attachment that can only fit on a can of Coors Light.(Coors Brewing Company)
Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 7:58 PM EDT
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(Gray News) – For anyone who likes to enjoy a cold beer in the summer heat, avoiding mosquitoes can oftentimes be a problem.

Coors has come up with a solution that may keep the little bloodsuckers at bay while you’re cracking open a cold one, especially since a study found that drinking even 12 ounces of beer can make it more likely for you to get bitten.

The brewing company has announced a Coors Light “Thirst Trap” to keep the insects distracted. The trap is designed to give them some of their own beer, so they don’t get all up in yours.

But how does the contraption work?

Coors has provided a video to show you how. The first part is the easiest: you drink most of your Coors Light from the can. Once there is just a little of the brew left, you can snap the trap on the top of the can and move to the next one. The thirsty mosquitoes will enter the can through a small opening in the trap. Once inside, they’ll be stuck in the can, enjoying the last few sips of the beer and leaving you to enjoy yours without any more interference.

The Coors Light “Thirst Trap” can be bought for $5 on the Coors online store. The company said it plans to release a limited number of traps each day at 10 a.m. CST from July 27 through Aug. 5 and only Monday through Friday.

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