Got your ticket? Mega Millions jackpot now third-largest ever

‘This my winning ticket’ -- Mega Millions jackpot now third largest ever
Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 6:33 PM EDT
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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - The Mega Millions has drawn a lot of attention from people across Mid-Michigan.

The jackpot has jumped up to $830,000,000.

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It’s the third largest Mega Millions jackpot ever. And one store owner is feeling the rush of customers. He said sales have increased five times since Tuesday morning.

“So, my sales are around $500-600 a day for the lottery, but it went up to like 3,000 in a day,” said Inderjit Singh, owner of B and S Corner Convenience Store in Jackson. “Now it’s a lot of people coming in and they’re buying $20, $30, $50. You know, they’re spending a lot of money.”

B&S Corner Convenience is no stranger to selling winning tickets. Just four months ago, a man won $300,000 from a scratch-off.

Jeanette Jean-Baptiste said this is her lucky ticket.

“I bought three tickets. Only one ticket is going to be the winner, so I don’t need a bunch,” Jean-Baptiste said. “I don’t need to spend a bunch of money ‘cause only one ticket is going to do it and I’m doing it too, right now.”

Although people have limited their spending due to inflation, Harmon Singh said it has not stopped people from buying lottery tickets. If anything, the Mega Millions have inspired them.

“Now that everything costs so much money, everybody is trying to get more money,” said Singh. “So, some people can only resort to buying tickets because they don’t have businesses or they don’t invest, they just buy the tickets which is an investment I guess for them "

News 10 took to social media to ask what people would do if they won Thursday’s drawing. One person said that they would remodel their home, pay off their niece’s and nephew’s student loans, and set up charities. Another said they would look into buying a family property big enough for lots of entertainment.

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