Clinton County to receive soybean oil-based asphalt enhancers for Colony Road

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 12:25 PM EDT
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ST. JOHNS, Mich. (WILX) - Soybean oil-based asphalt could enhance the life cycle of typical asphalt in roads.

The Clinton County Road Commission partnered up with the Michigan Soybean Committee (MSC), and the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), in support to apply a soybean oil-based asphalt enhancement product to a one-mile stretch of Colony Road in Fowler, MI.

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The product is described as a restorative asphalt modifier that has increased pavement life cycles up to 40%.

“BIORESTOR does not just top the asphalt, it penetrates to restore the pavement from within,” said the MSC in a statement. “It decreases the brittleness of asphalt pavement to improve the flexibility of the pavement thus decreasing cracking. Soybean oil is a key component of BIORESTOR.”

By using more bio-based products, the MSC said they are using more soybean oil in their day-to-day lives. They are improving farmers’ return on investment by adding value and developing new markets for soybeans.

“Being able to improve the longevity of our rural infrastructure by utilizing a product derived from soybeans is a win-win scenario,” said Dan Rajzer, a soybean farmer from Decatur, Michigan, and board member on the MSC and the STC. “Through this demonstration project, we hope to encourage greater use of environmentally sustainable products like BIORESTOR that maintain our infrastructure and enhance farmer profitability. We look forward to further promoting this within the state of Michigan.”

According to Lisa Harris, owner of Roadway Bioseal, BIORESTOR is known for enhancing asphalt performance properties and longevity.

“It is a pleasure to partner with the Clinton County Road Commission because they are truly interested in using innovative products that improve their roads and extend pavement lifecycles,” said Harris. “BIORESTOR is a soy-based, eco-friendly product. The road commission made an excellent choice in treating asphalt at the beginning of its lifecycle on the Colony Road project since approximately 60 percent of pavement aging happens in the first two years after paving. They also made an excellent choice for farmers when they selected this renewable, soybean oil-based product.”

Doug Steffen, Managing Director of the road commission stated that “by using soybean oil-based products, we are helping Michigan farmers improve their bottom line by using their product.”


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