How Michiganders are handling abortion concerns

How Michiganders are handling abortion concerns
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 10:56 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - More women in Michigan are asking for help to understand what their options are when it comes to getting an abortion. They’re calling resource centers and turning to social workers.

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For now, abortion is legal in Michigan, but that could change if a new attorney general takes office after the November election. Right now, Attorney General Dana Nessel supports the temporary injunction that’s keeping abortion legal in Michigan. Attorney general candidate, Matt DePerno, said he supports banning abortions across the state. That’s causing real concern with women who are worried about their futures and their daughter’s future.

“To do it in an unsafe manner, that is very concerning for my daughter and women in general,” said Yanice Jackson, Publisher at The Chronicle News in Lansing.

Yanice Jackson has an eight year old daughter.

“The next generation, you know, my children, my children’s children -- I don’t want them to continue down this road as far as having rights stripped away from them. What will it look like when my daughter is a woman, when her daughter becomes a woman, and so on?” said Jackson.

She said not knowing if her daughter will have access to the services she wants or needs when the time comes is a lot to process.

“It’d be devastating if she didn’t have that option if this was something that she didn’t want to move forward with, for whatever reason,” Jackson said. “I wouldn’t want my daughter to do something that could potentially harm her, something that’s unsafe.”

And that’s one concern the National Association of Social Workers in Michigan (NASW) says a lot of women are having right now -- how to make a safe decision.

“I have had roughly about 40 women reach out to me personally who have asked me just what this means in Michigan specifically, and where they should go, and who is safe,” said Melina Brann, Director of Public Policy with the National Association of Social Workers in Michigan.

NASW of Michigan said the calls they’ve been getting are from women who worry about the stigma that comes with not being able to care for your child and women who worry about child poverty.

“I have a pre-existing condition that won’t allow me to carry a pregnancy to full term, but when I find out I won’t have any options I’ll have to travel states, I don’t have money to travel to afford that, or whoever I talk to might be charged with a betting,” said Brann.

NASW of Michigan said they are also concerned with being accused of aiding and abetting while just trying to help. However, because abortion is still legal in Michigan, their services will not change.


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