New ballot initiative aims to address abortion rights in Michigan

New ballot initiative aims to address abortion rights in Michigan
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 6:28 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The fight over legal abortion continues in Michigan.

The overturning of Roe V. Wade sparked protests and rallies across the state -- including an initiative for abortion rights that aim to be on the November ballot.

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The Supreme Court’s decision Friday regarding reproductive health made it so states would have the final say as to whether things like abortion would be legal. Various advocacy groups are working to make sure those rights are protected for Michiganders.

The reversal of Roe V. Wade brought heated arguments between those who supported the decision and those who didn’t. Instead of battling in the streets, they’re taking it to the polls.

“Since Roe V. Wade has fallen, we revert to this 1931 law that makes abortion illegal in the state,” said Kelly Dillaha.

Dillaha is the program director of Michigan’s Red Wine and Blue, who are tirelessly gathering signatures to put abortions on the ballot in November, which would allow Michiganders to vote on if it should be legal.

“It’s not just abortion care,” Dillaha said. “There’s also fertility treatments and birth control.”

“We’re encouraging voters to be educated about the language of the actual proposed amendment,” said Christen Pollo.

Pollo is part of Citizens to Support MI Women and Children, which celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling. She believes the content within the petition is filled with things that even pro-choice voters would opposed.

“It’s very radical. It includes many things that most people who are pro choice would oppose -- including legalizing late term abortion, repealing parental consent,” Pollo said. “This is a constitutional change, which means if it goes into effect, we wouldn’t be able to change it.”

Groups like Red Wine and Blue will have until July 11 to submit 425,000 signatures in order to get the law on the ballot. Dillaha said they’re not giving up.

Organizations, like Right To Life Michigan and the Republican controlled Senate are working to keep the 1931 state law, which bans abortions and penalizes doctors who perform them.


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