WHOOPS: Family comes home to roofless house after roofing company got the wrong address

Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 2:09 PM EDT
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SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho (KXLY) – A family in Idaho is stressed out after a roofing company, sent to the wrong address, accidentally removed their house’s roof.

Jessica Hotvedt said her daughter came home June 1 to find that their roof was gone.

The home now has damage inside following rainy weather, forcing the family to also remove part of their flooring destroyed by water.

The house is covered with a tarp, with no explanation except for a letter left behind by the contractor that said there was miscommunication and the roofers were sent to the wrong address.

D.R. Roofing told the family their insurance would handle it, but so far, those claims have been denied. The price to fix the mess is over $70,000.

“It was a mistake, a very costly mistake. It should have been fixed. It just should have been fixed but no one will do it,” Hotvedt said.

Hotvedt is worried about her kids’ health, and the smell of mold and mildew from water damage is overwhelming their bedrooms.

“We want to be able to, you know, protect ourselves from the weather here, and hopefully we don’t go into fall without [a roof],” she said.

KXLY reached out to D.R. Roofing, who said they are working to fix the mistake but did not want to leave further comment.

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