Keeping your home cool during Michigan’s extreme heat

Keeping your home cool during Michigan’s extreme heat
Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 6:16 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - This week will be a big test for our air conditioners.

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Heating and cooling companies are already busy fixing many air conditioning units across Mid-Michigan, but technicians said you can help keep it running yourself.

“It’s like a car, you have to have it tuned and everything has to be just right,” said Rich Colby, A-OK Heating and Cooling.

Colby said people can do simple things, like changing the air filter in the furnace.

“Boy, you can see the dirt in there. It’s plugged. That filter right there is going to cut the efficiency of that furnace by half,” said Colby.

Colby said he notices a lot of people try shutting the vents for rooms not being used to help cool their homes, which he says is a mistake.

“The air that went to the pipe to this will start rolling backward and it rolls backward in that pipe and it gets into that air stream. If you get two or three of them doing that, it disrupts the airflow,” said Colby.

Another thing Colby recommends is keeping your thermostat no colder than 70.

“If you still have it at 65, it cools off very quickly at night. In the daytime it struggles sometimes,” said Colby. “You get up the next day, the coil is frozen, and you have no airflow again.”

You can make these changes anytime, especially before your air conditioner goes out.

Given the demand right now, it could be a few weeks before a tech can come out and fix it if that happens.

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