Record gas prices hurting Mid-Michigan nonprofits

Gas prices jumped 20 cents Tuesday
Record gas prices hurting Mid-Michigan nonprofits
Published: May. 31, 2022 at 6:23 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Gas prices are expected to reach $5 a gallon in a matter of days. Gas Buddy is forecasting the national average will reach that record by June 17.

That’s hurting mid-Michigan nonprofits with some stations charging $4.79 Tuesday.

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“We have to make choices we weren’t prepared to make,” said TK Willow, Saved by Zade volunteer.

Willow spends a lot of time, and money driving all over Mid-Michigan to help rescue cats.

“Some situations need an immediate response, so you’ll find yourself, as the case that I had, where I was in St. Johns and I had to immediately go to Jackson,” said Willow.

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Willow and the other volunteers aren’t reimbursed for the gas they use while helping the cat rescue. And she said that’s making it hard.

“It’s really difficult when you have to make choices on which cats to go help due to the lack of money,” said Willow.

“It’s really driven the number of miles down that we can go and the amount we can help,” said Jodie Schrader, Saved by Zade volunteer coordinator.

Schrader said the gas prices are hurting more than just the volunteers.

“Donations are affected by the gas prices. Everyone in the community is paying more for gas so that directly affects how we can help the animals. And we’re just doing the best that we can at this point,” said Schrader.

Gas Buddy said you shouldn’t count on relief anytime soon.

“I think we could in fact go beyond the $5 mark at some point in June. A lot of these imbalances aren’t going to improve anytime soon,” said Patrick DeHaan, Gas Buddy annalist.

Those imbalances include more people driving, gas companies aren’t making as much gas as they used to and countries aren’t buying oil from Russia.

But Willow said she’s not letting gas prices stop her from volunteering.

“We do it for the love of the animals. And the need, because regardless of a war or economic issue, the animals still need help,” said Willow.

You can help Saved by Zade with the rising gas prices by donating gas cards to help out the volunteers. More information can be found on its official Facebook page here.

Gas Buddy said you can save money by slowing down. It said most vehicles are most fuel-efficient between 55 and 65 miles an hour.

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