Lansing residents mend Oxford heartbreak by helping those in Kentucky

Lansing residents mend Oxford heartbreak by helping those in Kentucky
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 5:58 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - When Lansing resident Vonda Murany saw images of those in Mayfield, Kentucky after tornados tore through the state, she instantly recognized the pain in their faces. That pain was heartbreak and it’s a pain her hometown is all too familiar with.

Vonda and her daughters graduated from Oxford High School, where two weeks ago, a 15-year-old reportedly opened fire and killed four students. Since then, Vonda has been trying to mend her heartbreak.

“My hometown was rocked to the core,” said Murany. “I just want to give to heal my heart.”

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That’s when she met U.S. Army Veteran Lynda Thornburg. In her free time, Lynda volunteers with Saved by Zade, a nonprofit that that focuses on trapping and rescuing cats. They came up with a plan to help the pets of Mayfield.

“We’ll help some of the animals there that are displaced. Because that’s why the live traps and that’s why the cat and dog food. I have some litter in there, not a lot but litter. But mostly to help the people the animals and whoever I can help.” said Thornburg.

Lynda and Vonda are heading to Kentucky, where their main focus will be reuniting pets with their owners. They’ll also help whatever people they can, coordinating their efforts with local churches.

“It’s everything. It’s clothing, pots, and pans. These people have nothing.” said Thornburg.

After her heartbreak, Vonda said she’s healing the best way she knows how.

“If I can provide all of this and if we can help find their pets and put a coat on their back. It’s going to make me happy,” said Murany.

If you’re looking to donate items or help those in Kentucky, click here.

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