Michigan plumbers flush with business on day after Thanksgiving

Plumbers plan for day after Thanksgiving months in advance
Michigan plumbers flush with business on day after Thanksgiving
Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 6:34 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Black Friday is a busy day for retailers and shoppers alike, but plumbers, it’s the most draining day of the year.

But the plumbing industry has its name for the day after Thanksgiving, and local plumbers said they are flush with success.

Rick Leddrmann, of Roto Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service, said each year his team spends the day after Thanksgiving fixing endless plumbing disasters.

“It’s a really busy day for us, traditionally, it’s the tradition nobody wants is a backed-up toilet for Thanksgiving but we get a lot of commercial calls from Black Friday businesses, restaurants are busy today, so yeah, it turns out to be Brown Friday,” said Ledermann.

He said the day is so busy for them they have to plan for months beforehand.

“It’s something we talk about for the whole month of November, we talk about Brown Friday. We talk about it’s a busy day, we got to come in,” said Ledermann.

He said many of the issues they are called for can be avoided in the bathroom and the kitchen.

“Just because it fits down your garbage disposal doesn’t mean it should. The real issue is the garbage disposal may be able to handle it but the drain pipe underneath isn’t big enough for the volume of solids going down it all at once,” Ledermann said.

Ledermann recommends a method called batch feeding, which involved putting a little bit into the garbage disposal at a time. This can prevent common garbage disposal issues.

But when it comes to the bathroom, he said proper form is everything -- and he’s talking about plunging.

“Contrary to what you would think, the object is not to push the waste through,” Ledermann said. “The object is actually to get a good seal and pull it up and pop it back.”

He also said that if your toilet overflows, you can put the flapper down inside the tank to avoid further overflow.

However, when in doubt, it’s still safer to put down the plunger and pick up the phone.

“Call a professional most importantly. There’s a level of professionalism required to do this because we deal with a dirty substance and you don’t want somebody in your house who might not be trained to properly handle those types of things.”

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