Woman and daughter help young women struggling to afford hygiene products

Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 7:03 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - When Melisa Keck heard that some girls were struggling to access feminine hygiene products, she knew she had to help. All it took was one call to her kid’s school before Melisa and her daughter were hard at work.

“I said let’s do this. We went to the dollar store the next day and stocked up on all these little bags and started filling them,” said Melisa.

It was clear that the need for these kits was very real. Melisa and her daughter, Payton, started regularly restocking supplies at Waverly East and Waverly High School.

“They’re all filled. There’s little notes in there that say ‘bring them back.’ I’ll refill them. So we’ll just keep filling them until there’s no need for it anymore.”

Beth Bowen advocates for better accessibility to feminine products. She says that just having these products on hand can prevent devastating medical issues.

“And that’s what they are they’re medical necessities and access to these kind of products can keep people from having infections and can keep from leading to problems that might end in things as serious as cancer,” Bowen said.

Payton says that these kits provide so much more than hygiene products, including comfort and confidence.

“It’s still kind of embarrassing to ask like ‘hey do you have an extra one or do you have anything extra I could use?’ and so not a lot of people will want to ask, so just going to the bathroom and seeing stuff like that, it’d be easier to feel more comfortable,” Payton said.

“They’re already having a bad day, so any little thing is going to help and also to ease their mind. That somebody else is there somebody else knows what I’m going through and I’m not alone. Just to be there and be kind.” Melisa said.

Right now, Melisa and Payton are just restocking the restrooms at the school. They hope to expand to other locations with the goal of sending individual care packages to those need them most.

If you’d like to help Melisa and Payton with their goal you can visit their Facebook page at Warrior Girl Strong.

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