Police manage return of East Lansing residents

Published: Aug. 28, 2021 at 7:47 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - East Lansing Police are working to manage the influx of people at MSU students movie in. This year they are anticipating more people out and about as Covid restrictions are lifted.

“We all live in the same community the more they know us the more we know them hopefully get on a first name basis with people and just have a good school year,” said Chief of Police, Kim Johnson.

East Lansing Police Chief Kim Johnsons main goal is developing a good relationship with the people who live in East Lansing. They are getting on their bikes and covering as much area as they can to make sure students feel safe. Students tell News 10 they pair up to keep themselves safe.

“I would never go out alone at night I always make sure to have someone with me because there’s always that danger,” said East Lansing resident, Sydney Macnaughton.

And police say if you separate from your group they want students to know they are available to get them home safely.

“Give us a call we’ll get you home we don’t want people to be milling around by themselves. It’s a safe community but our job as police officers is to try to reduce the opportunities for crime to occur,” said Johnson.

Residents tell News 10 while they see the effort being put in it will take time to rebuild that relationship with the police. They want to see changes in police operations in order to prevent racial bias. They say they want to avoid having interactions with police escalate to dangerous heights.

“With students its easier for them to pick at students. It’s relatively high here the chances of getting pulled over for anything or getting ticketed for any small inconvenience,” said East Lansing resident, Kimberly Guerra.

East Lansing Police say they have been holding open conversations with groups such as the Black Student Alliance to learn what students need from them. They say they plan to take in what students have to say and make changes accordingly.

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