Hundreds gather at State Capitol to protest vaccination mandates

(WILX 2021)
Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 10:18 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Hundreds of people gathered outside the State Capitol building Friday afternoon to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Michigan State University student Julie Radford and her team from Americans Against Forced Vaccinations attended to speak out against MSU’s new policy requiring proof of vaccinations in order to return to campus.

Radford said, “We were asked to come speak because we have a lot of momentum going with our petition to president Stanley about not mandating the vaccine.”

According to Radford, they’re not asking for an abolishment altogether; What they’re asking for is a choice on whether or not to receive it.

Radford said, “For those of us who have antibodies who have recovered from COVID, like myself, or people who are against it for religious reasons, we just want the freedom to choose whether or not we put it in our bodies.”

People like Mackenzie McGraw say the vaccine is a scheme put in place by businesses and the government to gain control.

McGraw said, “I think it’s all corrupt and it’s all controlled and it’s to keep people from working and to keep people dependent on the government.”

Many protesters claimed the government is planning on implementing a mandatory vaccination. According to Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail, that isn’t the case.

“I don’t hear anybody talking about that right now,” Vail said. “I’ve heard the federal government say they’re not going to a government mandate. I’ve heard the state say they’re not going to a state mandate. We’re not going to mandate at the county level. I don’t have any knowledge about this becoming a government mandate.”

With people hoisting signs and protesting the validity of the vaccine, Vail says enough is enough.

“The body of evidence for scientists is overwhelmingly-- overwhelmingly-- that this vaccine is safe,” Vail said. “This vaccine is effective, and this is the tool that we need to get us out of this pandemic. That is the truth.”

Vail added that she and others who are trying to end the pandemic have continually had to deal with an unexpected human element keeping it going.

“I’m tired of having my profession bashed and bashed and bashed,” Vail said. “[We’re accused of] everything from lying, making things up, injecting chips in people-- just ridiculous things. Listen to scientists and listen to health experts. I would think that you want an engineer or an architect building a building to be the person you listen to. I would think, in many professions, that we listen to the people who are experts.”

According to Linda Vail, we can expect at least one of the COVID vaccinations to have full FDA approval before Labor Day.

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