Hillsdale considers becoming “sanctuary city for the unborn”

Proposal would ban abortion clinics and abortion drugs
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 8:04 PM EDT
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HILLSDALE, Mich. (WILX) - A proposal before the Hillsdale City Council would make it illegal to perform abortions there. It is based on similar laws passed in cities across the country.

“It keeps the way things are right now,” said Heather Tritchka, Hillsdale County Right to Life vice president.

Tritchka, who’s husband is on the Hillsdale City Council, brought the proposed ordinance before the whole council after a similar one passed in Ohio.

The proposal would prevent anyone from performing an abortion in the city, although there are no abortion clinics in Hillsdale. Tritchka said this would also apply to companies who send prescriptions to end a pregnancy.

It would also allow anyone in the city to sue a company that mails their drugs.

“It’s more about going after providers that are coming and providing that. So if you have a mailing company that’s all of a sudden mailing things in. You can say, not here, you can’t do that because of this ordinance,” Tritchka said.

The Food and Drug Administration loosened restrictions earlier this year allowing tele-health providers to prescribe abortion drugs during a public health emergency. It hasn’t said if those rules would still be in place after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caney Carter was surprised it is even an issue in the small town.

“It’s moot. There’s no clinic here. It’s not going to stop anyone from receiving care,” Carter said.

Carter said she feels she’s being targeted with the proposed ordinance. She carries a gene for a deadly genetic disease.

“There are times in a woman’s life when carrying isn’t necessarily life-threatening to her, but regardless how the pregnancy goes, the child is going to die,” said Carter.

But municipal law experts said they don’t think the proposal is legal.

“The 14th Amendment protects the right of woman to elect to have an abortion,” said Gerald Fisher, Cooley Law School professor.

The proposal is in a city council committee. It will have public hearings before it is put up for a vote. There are 33 other cities with similar laws, 30 of them are in Texas.

A federal court dismissed a lawsuit against Lubbock, Texas over it’s law because the federal court can’t prevent people from suing in a state court.

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