Aug. 3 primary results

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 10:34 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Primary elections are best described as an election to decide what choices you will have. The field of candidates will be narrowed down by voting, but also on the ballot will be several notable measures that the public will either pass or reject.

Polls opened at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday and closed at 8:00 p.m. The general election will occur on Nov. 2.

News 10 will update the races listed below throughout the evening on our ELECTION TRACKER as results come in.

Lansing Mayoral Primary

Mayoral candidates for the City of Lansing were narrowed down to two in this primary. They are:

“It is an honor to serve as the Mayor of Lansing, and I greatly appreciate the continual support of the residents of Lansing as shown in the primary election today. This campaign has shown that my administration has both the drive and the citywide support to carry us through to the general election. I am truly honored by the great number of Lansing residents who turned out to the polls in support of our vision. Of course, this success is in large part due to the combined efforts of my wife, children, city staff, campaign donors, and volunteers. I am grateful to everyone who has played such a critical role in getting us where we are today. Because of our team’s hard work, I feel incredibly optimistic about the momentum we have heading into the general.”

Andy Schor

Lansing City Council At Large

“At large” is a description for members of a governing body who are elected or appointed to represent a whole membership or population. In this case, it means voters will be asked to choose up to two of the options presented.

  • Peter Spadafore - 6,187 - Winner
  • Jeffery Brown - 3,633 - Winner
  • Rachel R. Willis - 2,999 - Winner
  • Claretta Duckett-Freeman - 2,848 - Winner
  • Linda Keefe - 2,103
  • Linda D. Appling - 1,868
  • Grant M. Blood II - 897
  • D. Taft - 501

Lansing City Council 2nd Ward

  • Jeremy A. Garza - 1,875 - Winner
  • Oprah Revish - 710 - Winner
  • Nicklas Zande - 258

Lansing Essential Services Millage Restoration Proposal - Passed

Increases city millage by 1.1342 mills to provide funds for police, fire departments, and road and sidewalk maintenance.

  • Yes - 8,169
  • No - 4,076

Leslie Schools Operating Millage Proposal - Passed

Increases limitation on taxes by 18 mills for ten years to provide operating funds for Leslie Public Schools.

  • Yes - 595
  • No - 342

Jackson Mayoral primary

Mayor Derek Dobies is not seeking reelection. These candidates are looking to fill his position.

Columbia Township Fire Protection Millage Proposal - Passed

Reduces tax limitation to .4405 mills over 5 years to provide funs for fire protection in Columbia Township.

  • Yes - 735
  • No -128

Columbia Township Police Protection Millage Renewal Proposal - Passed

Reduces tax limitation to .8814 mills over 5 years for police protection.

  • Yes - 699
  • No - 164

Hanover-Horton School District Sinking Fund Millage Proposal - Passed

1 mill over 5 years to provide funds to construct or repair school buildings and upgrade technology.

  • Yes - 455
  • No - 410

Jonesville Community Schools Bonding Proposal - Passed

.8 mills over 26 years to provide funds for athletic fields.

  • Yes - 7
  • No - 0

Parma Township Renewal Of Additional Millage For Fire Protection Services - Passed

1.25 mills over 6 years to provide funds for fire protection.

  • Yes - 167
  • No - 62

Parma Township Renewal Of Additional Millage For Police Protection - Passed

.5 mills over 6 years to provide funds for police protection.

  • Yes - 162
  • No - 65

Sandstone Township Fire Protection Proposal - Passed

1.25 mills over 5 years to provide funds for fire protection.

  • Yes - 438
  • No - 77

Potterville Public Schools Bonding Proposal - Passed

$28 million to add classrooms, remodel current current school buildings.

  • Yes - 478
  • No - 304

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