Why Lansing Community College is forgiving four years of student debt

LCC to forgive four years of student debt
Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 6:58 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Students are getting a fresh start at Lansing Community College. The school announced it will forgive student debt from the Fall of 2017 through the spring of 2021. LCC is using federal funding to forgive those balances authorized by the American Rescue Plan, that includes recalling eligible accounts from collection services.

One student told News 10 this really shows how much Lansing Community College cares about their students.

“I hear them giving students a second opportunity. It’s nice to see that the community and our community leaders are putting the youth and even adults who want to go back in a position to try and succeed again,” Said former Lansing Community College student, Undra Brown.

“We’re very excited about this initiative to help our students and the community,” said LCC President Dr. Steve Robinson.

This is a one-time program and is only for students that owe money specifically to LCC, it is not for students that have debt outside of Lansing Community College.

“The last 17 months of the pandemic have been difficult for everybody but particularly for our students and as part of the community LCC wanted to provide students with an opportunity to remove some barriers for enrollment, " Dr. Robinson said.

With the student debt forgiveness program knows as the ‘fresh start program’, students will now be able to enroll in future classes since their debt will be forgiven.

“What it means is we are fulfilling our mission; our college was founded in 1957 to provide access to higher education for students in mid-Michigan. It’s important for the students because it removes an important barrier to getting back on path toward their educational goals,” Dr. Robinson said.

“I’m super excited because it gives me more spending power, I just moved out of my parents’ house I’m working on a business and to not have to pay 100 dollars a month.. I have like 2,500 dollars in student debt, it really allows me to build my future the way that I want,” Brown said.

The school president told News 10 their mission was to find a way to make things easier for students and families who have been impacted the last year and a half during the pandemic.

This initiative will be able to help over 3,800 students. To see if you are eligible visit the link here.

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