Eaton Rapids man on a one-wheel cross-country trip

Christian Hisler will travel 3,600 miles across the country on his unicycle.
Local man begins cross-country ride
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 7:09 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A young man from Eaton Rapids has just embarked on a trip across the country, but not in his car. This trip will be done on a unicycle.

The journey started at the Eaton Rapids Family Fare grocery store where Christian Hisler will travel 3,600 miles across the country on his unicycle.

“I’m heading south now, down through Ohio. Once I get to Kentucky, I’ll head a little bit southwest over to Tennessee. And then I’ll be heading across over to California,” Hisler said.

With his lunchbox, water, tent, and stove, Hisler is ready to embark on a trip from Michigan to California, alone. He’s young for someone with such an ambitious plan, having just graduated high school. Even more unlikely is how recently he learned to unicycle.

“I first started to ride a unicycle… like a year and a half ago, not too long ago,” Hisler said.

Unicycling runs in his family all thanks to Hisler’s grandfather. Hisler fell in love with the sport and decided he wanted to put his skills to use for something bigger than himself - an awareness ride dedicated to multiple sclerosis.

“I’m not really related to anyone that has MS, but my mom is a homecare taker and her main client right now has MS,” Hisler said. “She’s pretty much paralyzed, she can’t even move or go to the bathroom by herself.”

He says it really it home for him. Tammy Willis is the President of the National MS Society in Michigan. She said she’s impressed that Hisler has been willing to go so far to bring attention to the disease.

“It’s incredible. When I first heard about this, I was really in all honesty just wondering ‘would it really happen?’,” Willis said. “Seeing him right here and ready to go today, he’s so prepared and it’s inspiring I would say. People are so creative in the ways they want to fight this disease.”

Suzy Hisler, Christian’s Mother, agrees.

“For him to say, ‘Mom, I want to do this for that cause for people who don’t have that ability,’ is just amazing to me,” Suzy Hisler said.

This won’t be an easy task. Stopping at campsites, traveling 50 miles and seven hours a day. Having his family’s support has made him more than ready.

“They helped out a lot with it. I couldn’t have done it alone,” Hisler said. “It feels good.”

Hisler told News 10 he would be in northern Ohio by this evening. He hopes to get to his final destination of San Francisco by Halloween.

Christian will be updating his social media daily where you can check his progress, donate to MS and support his GoFundMe.

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