Good Samaritan goes the extra mile

Good Samaritan goes the extra mile
Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 4:09 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 5, 2021 at 6:15 PM EDT
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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Unconditional love. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know it. They are part of your family.

So, when a pet is missing, it is heartbreaking. For one East Lansing man it was doubly so, until a Good Samaritan went the extra mile.

Mike Beuerle is mourning the love of his life. His wife, Gail, passed away about six months ago.

“Been a tough year. She was ill for a long time,” he said.

What helps Mike cope, are his two faithful companions. One of them, his 8 year-old cocker spaniel, Charlie.

He calls Charlie, his “Best friend. Next to my wife, absolutely.”

Back in May, Mike planned a quick trip up north to get the couple’s second home ready to sell. He hired a pet sitter who came to his home, loaded up the dogs, and left. Just minutes later, Charlie was gone.

Beuerle said, “He pooped in the back of their van on a rubber mat. And they pulled into this subdivision across the way over there and opened the back up and, mistake number one.”

A frightened Charlie slipped out of his collar and took off running.

Beuerle said, “They made a good faith effort to try to catch him, but there was no catching him.”

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So, instead of a trip, Beuerle started a days-long search to find his best friend.

“This subdivision, we’re out in the country here. I mean you go that way, that way, that way, it’s all country, its all farm country and wild…and coyotes all over the place and he’s an indoor dog. He doesn’t have any skills,” he said.

Beuerle and his daughters made posters. They went door to door handing out pictures of Charlie hoping someone, anyone, could help. While Beuerle was desperately trying to find his best friend, Charlie was alone on a nearby farm, roaming among coyotes. And it’s likely he never would have been found alive, if it weren’t for a man who literally went the extra miles.

Beuerle said, “He just made it a mission...and he was going to catch that dog.”

That man helps out on a nearby farm. He took the time to look back at images captured on trail cameras there. Images that show coyotes and other creatures that lurk in the night.

But one photo captured his attention.

Beuerle said, “He saw Charlie. And all the traps he had were for rodents, they were too small for Charlie. So he drove up to Clare, bought a trap, brought it home.”

The Good Samaritan drove about 170 miles at his own expense. He got back to the farm and put bread in the trap. Days went by until a lonely little dog showed up. After about 45 minutes, Charlie took the bait.

Beuerle said, “The guy was brilliant. He brought Charlie home, he put a blanket over the cage to keep him calm. And I mean, when I took the blanket off and Charlie saw me, he was shaking like a leaf.”

The man responsible did not want to be interviewed for this story. He says he doesn’t want the attention, he did it for the happy ending.

“For him to go so far out of his way, for no reason, just because he’s a good person.” Beuerle said.

He also believes his late wife played a role in Charlie’s return.

“She guided us to him and she kept him safe. She and the good Lord. I’m sorry, I still get emotional.”

Charlie was gone for 10 days. A veterinarian removed dozens of ticks from his body and is closely monitoring his health.

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