Painting beyond paper: Local artist brightens community with door murals

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 3:23 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - We love to feature local artists on Studio 10 and this time we have a special artist on the show.

Her work can be found on walls, house doors and garages.

“I want to bring joy to the community and I want to bring a unique culture to the community. I mean, right now, this is really unique to this area,” said Adrienne Gelardi.

Believe it or not, it was Adrienne’s own door that opened doors for her future artwork.

“I moved into this house, and it was a really ugly light shade of blue and I had to paint the whole thing and fix a bunch of woodpecker holes. The most exciting part is the very end when I get to paint the door and I wanted to pick a really like bright, obnoxious chartreuse, like lemon lime color. So this color looked totally different on my house than it did the store because lighting makes all the difference. So I jazzed it up and I was like, how can I save it and I put this white line art on here.”

Posting her work online got a huge response from the community. Over the past few years, she has painted dozens of front and garages doors murals not just in our area, but in the Midwest.

“I have done more than a hundred, a few in Ohio, and I did a few in the Ludington area. I’ve also done one in Detroit, so I’ve kind of been around this area within four hours.”

Adrienne hopes to use a van to travel around to create more murals in new areas.

“I really think that it It shows that people want to put money into their community. They want to put their personality and money into their home and just bring value to the community as a whole basically.”

For those on the fence about having colorful murals painted on our home, Adrienne says the best part is that it’s not permanent.

“It’s just paint and I think you should express yourself with it. Also, because it’s not permanent. You can just paint over it. I think it brings a lot of joy to people in the neighborhood. Like if anyone’s like, oh, should I pick this like, kind of outrageous color? Like, just do it- it’s just paint.”

You can find more of Adrienne’s work here:

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