Mid-Michigan facing flooding after sustained heavy rainfall

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 10:37 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Monday’s rain on top of this past weekend’s heavy precipitation has caused flooded basements for homeowners across the area.

And with wet basements comes destroyed furniture and cherished keepsakes. News 10 spoke with one man who lost some of his most prized possessions, and to a man working around the clock to help people salvage what they can.

It’s a tale Chris Meyers knows all too well. This last storm ruined some of his greatest treasures he’s been collecting for thirty years.

“I was freaking out,” Meyers said. “I mean, that stuff is priceless to me. You know, to watch it get wet breaks your heart.”

Some of Meyers’ most prized possessions lost in the floods, including a trunk used by Miles Davis and hard-to-find Star Wars merchandise.

“Not only did I collect it but I’ve had it for thirty years,” Meyers said. “So, it has a lot of sentimental value. Some of it I got from people that aren’t alive anymore.” David Brown is president of Stay Dry, a Lansing waterproofing company.

“We’re seeing a tremendous amount of rainfall,” Brown said. “Therefore, the basements in the Lansing proper area are getting an enormous amount of water in the basements.”

Making things worse; Meyer’s says many places who rent industrial carpet dryers are fresh out.

Meyer’s said, “Everybody grabbed them right away so there’s none available right now. I’m at my whit’s end trying to keep this place dry and safe.”

Brown is advising everyone to make sure they do their homework before hiring somebody to waterproof their home to avoid situations like this. Sadly, for Meyers, it’s going to be hard to recoup some of the items lost.

Meyers said, “Some of these Star Wars collectables are pretty rare. I just hate to see them get ruined, you know? I don’t think my insurance covers this.”

If you’re having someone help you dry up your home, Brown suggests making sure the business is licensed and has a permit. He says a permit protects the home as well as the contractor in cases like this.

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