VilleMonte reflects on 310 mile journey for CHD

To date, VilleMonte has raised $5,800 to help fight CHD
Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 4:29 PM EDT
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GREGORY, Mich. (WILX) - It seemed nearly impossible.

But Kevin VilleMonte did it; 310 miles in 10 days to fight Congenital Heart Disease.

There were a few rough days, but a week later, he says he’s feeling fine.

“It was tears and joy, and felt great just to finish it,” he said. “When I hit Lake Erie, that breeze was just...if I could have run that 31-mile stretch 10 days in a row, I would have done that.”

Villemonte shared pictures of his journey across Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York.

“Day 10, when I came back towards the city and you can see Buffalo way in the distance across Lake Erie, my heart started pounding, I got the goosebumps,” he said.

He was happy to see Alex (the father of Indy, who inspired Kevin to want to help fight congenital heart disease) waiting for him at the end.

“They were amazing through the whole thing, and Alex at the finish line as well was awesome because I’d never met him before in person,” said Kevin.

Villemonte tells News 10 he was concerned about the distance at times.

“If I had gone out and said I was gonna run 310 miles, after day 3 with the heat, I would have just turned around and come home.”

But he says he always had something to run toward.

“I had all those people cheering me on running into Toledo, they came out they had like 10-12 kids that had all survived from a heart defect at birth and had all had surgery, my heart just...The kids get my heart every single time. That was the most special point of that trip.”

To date, VilleMonte has raised $5,800 to help fight CHD.

He says he still plans to keep the donation page open.

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