9-year-old girl climbs her way to the National Ninja League World Championship

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 10:16 AM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - High jumps....hanging on poles....running up walls...these are just some of the things that Tristin Martin does every day to train.

The crazy part is- is that this tough girl is only 9-years-old and she’s on her way to the national ninja league world championship.

Tristin’s climb to ninja started when she was younger and used furniture in the house as obstacle courses.

“I got involved in all this by watching American Ninja Warrior and would spider climb everywhere,” said Tristin. “My parents did’t know I was trying to do ninja because I would jump down before they could even notice.”

After they finally noticed...Nichole and Scott, knew ninja wasn’t just a stage but could be Tristin’s sport.

“It’s called the American Ninja Warrior but there are several different leagues and the one that she started in is called the National Ninja League. It’s the closest to the show, in that the only real big difference is that the obstacles aren’t as high and you don’t fall into water,” said Nichole, Tristin’s mother.

Now Tristin trains several times a week in different gyms and right in her own backyard with equipment her and her father put together.

Her skills have now landed her in the National Ninja League World Championship in New Jersey.

Last year, Tristin got second place so this June she is going for gold.

“I’m preparing for it by doing lots more obstacles and more training in my basement and everything,” said Tristin. “I am getting ready by

working on stuff that I’ve never done before.”

Tristin is also trying to take her skills to a new stage by auditioning for American Ninja Warrior Jr, a national TV competition.

“I’m trying out for it, you have to send this application and you can show more than one thing and you figure out if you made it by getting a call so now we are just waiting for that call.”

Not only would it be a dream for Tristin, but she hopes winning could help her home gym, Iron Grip, reopen after it closed during the pandemic.

“I really want to win this so I can get my gym back up and I just want to win for all the gyms that closed.”

You can follow Tristin’s journey on her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY6nVcJtqlMoSvDNdj0VfOg

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