Teacher in DeWitt raising funds for at-risk kids in the classroom

Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 1:31 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 30, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT
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DEWITT, Mich. (WILX) - Ms. Jessie Nevius is a teacher at Furstenau Early Childhood Center in DeWitt. She teaches pre-k for head start, a non-profit organization that is federally funded for at-risk families.

Ms. Jessie is taking the initiative to raise money to better serve her students in the classroom. She told News 10 she wants to give her students the opportunity for things they never had.

Ms. Jessie and the head start program partnered with PNC Bank to raise money for her students, so for every dollar she raises PNC Bank will match that donation up to $1,500 in April for month of the young child.

“I’m doing this in hopes to get materials for our classrooms, some things our students really need. One of our projects is to get seating for our classroom we have some chairs we’d like to replace to make it more comfortable,” Head Start Teacher Jessie Nevius, said.

She also wants to get a smart board for the classroom, which will allow the kids to have some technology benefits.

“There is a lot of creative aspects with the board and those are pretty much important skills for preschoolers to have their social skills cognitive and early academics,” Ms. Jessie, said.

The goal for Ms. Jessie and Head Start’s Education Supervisor Mandi Woodward is to keep the kids calm, keep them regulated, and engaged in the classroom.

“Think of a chalk board from before now we have iPad on the wall but this iPad will come off and be at the children’s level you can turn it and Ms. Jessie can be side by side working on literacy skills, math skills, some cognitive problem solving skills,” Woodward said.

“The smart board not only will it help them with their academic sills there’s lots of activities that have to do with literacy and mathematics but they also will have a chance to hone their social skills.” Ms. Jessie, said.

Ms. Jessie say this means so much to her and Woodward. Woodward says that’s it’s the best part of her job knowing she is helping the kids in the classroom.

“You get to see the direct benefits with early childhood you get to see pretty quickly the impact pieces like this make on them,” Woodward said.

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