Police bodycam video shows Rep. Jewell Jones threatened to call Gov. Whitmer during arrest

Rep. Jones arrest video released
Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 7:59 PM EDT
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FOWLERVILLE, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan State Police dashboard and bodycam video has confirmed state representative Jewell Jones threatened to call Governor Gretchen Whitmer during his April 6 arrest. The video obtained by MIRS News shows Jones being arrested on I-96 near Fowlerville on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest.

The dashcam video shows that Rep. Jones wanted to call Gov. Whitmer or Michigan State Police director Col. Joe Gasper gasper to get him out of the situation.

The video shows officers arriving on the scene, asking Jones for his ID multiple times. Jones told officers, “I cant do that.” After refusing to give his ID, Jones was tackled as officers tried to arrest him.

MSP officers can be heard yelling, “stop resisting,” at Jones.

Jones then tells the officers to get off of him saying, “I’m telling y’all thats not gonna be good for you. I run y’all’s budget.”

Officers can be heard yelling at Jones to give up his arm so they can handcuff him. State Police reported they tased him and sprayed him with pepper spray.

As Jones was on the ground and officers still wanted his ID, he said, “I’ll call Governor Whitmer right now bro! I’m a state rep. I’m going to give it to you.” He later continued, “When I call Gretchen, I’m gonna need y’all’s IDs, badge numbers, and everything.”

Eventually, Jones was able to get up and was walked to the back of the police car. That’s when he asked to give MSP director Col. Joe Gasper a call.

“Tell Joe who you got and call f---ing Joe,” he says. “I don’t care if he’s up or not. If he’s not up, wake him up, tell Joe who you have handcuffed.”

Jones and his attorney didn’t respond to News 10′s request for an interview.

As for his future, Democratic House Leader Donna Lasinski said she’ll let the legal process play out before deciding if Jones will be taken off committees.

“These are serious charges. It’s important to let the investigation proceed and the legal process play out, so all the facts can come to light,” Lasinski said.

Gov. Whitmer’s office and the Michigan State Police declined News 10′s requests for interviews for this story

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