Lansing city clerk issues warnings to those that have not received state marijuana license

Lansing sets deadline for pot shops
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 5:33 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The city of Lansing is sending warning letters to marijuana businesses that have conditional approval from the city but still did not receive state approval.

Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope told News 10 he doesn’t want vacant buildings sitting around Lansing, waiting for marijuana dispensaries to open up operation.

“We’re missing out on state revenue, local revenue, local jobs based on the fact they haven’t fulfilled the promises they made in terms of getting their company fully licensed and operated,” Chris Swope, said.

The city sent about 85 letters to “conditionally approved” companies telling them the clock is ticking for them to complete their project and get fully licensed by the city and state. Some have until the end of September, others until the end of the year.

Dispensary Pure Roots has conditional approval, and a warning letter from the city. It says the delays are out of its hands.

“We were going to launch construction then COVID hit which delayed everything we lost a couple contractors because they kept losing guys then there was a shortage of supplies,” Vice President of Government Affairs for Pure Roots, Reni Gorge said.

Gorge says he gets the city’s need to push the process along.

“I understand what they are doing and.. essentially it would be 100 jobs full time when we are fully opened, I think we just have to be diligent in making sure we meet the timeline,” Gorge said.

If it’s not met, Pure Roots and other shops could lose their ability to do business in Lansing.

“There spot is reserved but we don’t want to keep that spot reserved if they are not actually moving forward,” Swope said.

The city will consider an extended deadline for some companies based on their circumstances.

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