Parents, healthcare workers react to Michigan’s new mask mandate

Some people say they’re losing faith in the orders, while experts say more should be following the rules.
Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 9:51 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The state has extended its epidemic order to help stop the coronavirus from spreading. It comes with a new rule -- mandating masks for toddlers.

Some people say they’re losing faith in the orders, while experts say more should be following the rules.

Lansing resident Matthew Moorer said, “Trying to get a two-year-old? I mean, he’s almost one and he doesn’t even know how to walk yet. Let alone to keep a mask on his face at all times to keep everybody safe? That’s a little much.”

Medical Director of the Ingham County Health Department Dr. Adenike Shoyinka says even though it might seem a bit odd to include children in the health order, the change is necessary.

“Children get it and they may be asymptomatic, but then they can potentially spread it to other people,” Shoyinka said. “Of course we know children at that age can’t be vaccinated yet. We have a ways to go before then. So, the more reason why children who are younger should wear the mask.”

Mason resident Sarah Wood isn’t a firm believer in the mandates and vaccinations. She believes people should start by taking care of their bodies.

“When you boost your immune system you’re less likely to get an infection or virus of any kind,” Wood said. “If you do get it you’re more likely to fight it off effectively.”

To the contrary, registered nurse Tina Ray says she agrees with the extension. She says the community as a whole isn’t out of the woods yet. Ray said, “The variant is going through our community and there are a lot of patients in the hospital right now.”

Ray says she hopes people will take this order seriously, because nurses in hospitals are on the brink of exhaustion.

“A couple weeks of possibly reducing our exposure might help us,” Ray said. “Because, in the hospital we’re exhausted. And the nurses and healthcare professionals are having a hard time making a decision on which patient they need to go to first. It’s overwhelming.”

While the previous mask mandate is still in effect. The one involving kids ages two to four doesn’t start until April 26. The order still allows indoor dining in restaurants at up to 50% capacity. And 100% capacity for outdoor seating.

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