College students weigh in on the vaccine

Some are hoping the vaccine will be the answer to end the pandemic
Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 9:59 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan State University is making a push to encourage its students to get a vaccine as COVID-19 cases rise among younger age groups. With vaccine eligibility opened to all people ages 16 and up, Michigan State University Freshmen Sara Purdue and Marie Kroneman say they’re excited to get it.

Purdue said, “It’s really exciting just to know that a lot of people are willing to put the health of others as a priority.”

Kroneman said, “I’m currently registering right now. I can’t wait for more people to get vaccinated so we can safely hangout again.”

MSU Deputy Spokesperson Dan Olsen says they have sent various e-mails to students filled with information and encouraging them to sign up at multiple locations. He says he’s pleasantly surprised with the amount of students who are looking forward to getting the shot.

“Recently we did a survey of our students to see the receptiveness of the COVID vaccine and their willingness to get one,” Olsen said. “We were pleased to have our research results come back that 80% of our students are willing to get a vaccine and plan to get a vaccine. The biggest reason they’re planning to do that is because they want to protect, not only themselves, but their friends, their family and their loved ones.”

Bailey Ruedisale says she’s excited for the vaccine to open up for 16+ because it’s been hard for her as a graduate student to find a job. She’s hoping the vaccine will be the answer to end the pandemic and open up those positions.

“It’s been pretty hard finding a job or just even finding places hiring in general with the hiring freezes and stuff,” Ruedisale said. “I know the State of Michigan had a freeze for a while and it was recently lifted. I’ve checked out there a few times.”

As somebody who is very familiar with the college life, Ruedisale says this year compared to years past has been extremely abnormal.

Ruedisale said, “I think there’s a certain part of the environment you’re missing out on with the college experience by being isolated and not really getting to meet people and interact with people and just getting to know people in general. I think that’s definitely been taken away from everyone.”

While Purdue and Kroneman understand the community needs to reach herd immunity first, they’re optimistic about being able to live the real college life for their sophomore year.

Kroneman said, “I’m hoping by next year I can go to more tailgates or maybe some parties.” “I love sports,” Purdue said. “I’m a huge sports fan so coming here there’s a lot of big opportunities for that so that will be really fun next year.”

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail hopes students will see the vaccine as a way to have more opportunities for fun next school year.

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