Lansing mayor hopes to fix affordable housing

The Lansing Housing Commission tries to offer low-income housing to people who need it
Mayor hopes to fix affordable housing
Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 5:14 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Lansing Mayor Andy Schor just put out his neighborhood vision plan, and as part of it he wants to make affordable housing a realistic option for people in the area.

Mayor Schor said, “There is housing available, but we do need more.”

He says he’s committed to making sure people have a good place to live at an affordable price. In 2020 real estate website Zillow says that the average price of a Lansing home was around $100,000. Just a year later, that’s up to $116,000.

The Lansing Housing Commission tries to offer low-income housing to people who need it. They’ve spent the last few years bringing houses up to code. Doug Fleming with the Lansing Housing Commission says they’re just aren’t many affordable options out there right now.

“Affordable housing right now in Lansing is in a tough spot because with our new renovations that’s going on, were really not moving anybody in because we need the vacant units in order to do the construction,” Fleming said.

Arnica Smith lives in a low-income housing complex.

Smith said, “I don’t believe Lansing actually has affordable adequate housing outside of low-income homes. " The mayor says its equally important to fix up homes as it is to create new options. And he’s going to work with the housing commission to make sure the homes continue to get fixed.

Mayor Schor said, “In my first term we brought it up to code and were going through a process. We’re investing millions. In my second term I’m excited to see those properties improved so that those who are using subsidized housing have better units where they can live.”

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