Lansing residents say city has a trash problem

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The best second-hand shopping spot in Lansing may be just off the Aurelius Bypass at Aurelius and Malcolm X Streets.

It’s got everything you could think of. Shoes, deodorant, used rap CDs, milk, ice cream, and practically an entire snack aisle. Food containers line the road.

“It breaks my heart, I gave my best to this city,” says Lansing resident Sue Stadel. “I’m still a taxpayer and it breaks my heart.”

Stadel saw News 10 surveying the littered site and said she needed to talk to us about it.

“It breaks my heart to pay taxes today, to know this is my city, that I stand for,” she says.

The area by the Aurelius Bypass isn’t the only eye-sore on the capital city streets. The trash issues continue two miles away, by MLK and Malcolm X Streets. There is trash spread across the grass for about a quarter-mile.

“When I drive to surrounding cities, it doesn’t seem like it’s as much of a problem as it is in Lansing,” says Tanya Denise.

Denise wants to see the city clean it up before it gets buried even further underneath taller grass. She says she cleans up her fair share of garbage by her home.

“It’s depressing and it makes me not proud of Lansing. I think that part of keeping the roadways cleaned up gives you a sense of pride of your city,” Denise says.

The piles of trash on MLK and Malcolm X are not far from the Michigan State Capitol. Denise questions how city and state officials haven’t noticed the pile, or if they have just turned their shoulder.

“It’s disheartening for me to think that people may be from outside of Michigan or people from other cities traveling through see this and that’s their impression of Lansing.”

When asked for an interview about trash issues in the city, City of Lansing spokesperson Valerie Marchand issued this statement to News 10:

There is typically more visible trash around this time of year after the snow has melted. While the City does clean debris from within the roadway, we rely on property owners and volunteers to take the lead on picking up trash along the side of the road. We partner with neighborhoods and other volunteer groups by providing trash bags, yard waste bags, Capital Area Housing Partnership HERO Tool Truck, and other resources to assist with community cleanups.

If there are areas of specific concern, we encourage residents to use the Lansing Connect app, or submit these through the City’s website at

We also encourage residents who are interested in holding a cleanup to contact the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement by completing this form:

Denise says the blame doesn’t all fall on the City of Lansing. She says everyone who lives in Lansing needs to do their part too.

“Part of it is being a member of a community,” she says. “You have some responsibility to chip in and help out.”

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