Daughter donates hair to make wig for her mother

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 7:28 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WILX) - When you find out your mom has stage four terminal breast cancer, it can make you feel helpless. But, one Charlotte daughter found a way to make her mother feel some sense of normalcy.

“I felt really old, it was really tearing me up about how I looked,” said mother and breast cancer patient, Lynn Hier.

Hier was dealing with the reality many cancer patients do and the toll it takes on your body.

As Hier takes on her second battle with breast cancer, her daughter wanted to do something to ease at least part of her mother’s struggles.

“My mom has always loved my hair,” said Lynn’s daughter, Marybeth Kersey. “Having a parent with stage four terminal cancer, you know your times limited and you’re really helpless. This was a way for me to be with her and help her and help her feel beautiful and normal.”

So, Marybeth Kersey donated 12 inches of her hair for a wig that her mother could wear.

“I felt normal again, I felt pretty again. I just don’t know how to thank my daughter enough for giving me her hair,” Hier said. “She said I just want to be with even after you pass, you’ll have me with you and that was hard, but it was how she is. I took it as a gift of love.”

Getting the wig made wasn’t a simple process. A lot of local shops can’t make wigs straight from raw hair, so Marybeth had to find a stylist in California. The process took a few months but her mom was finally able to start wearing her wig one week ago.

“It makes me feel close to her. It makes me feel beautiful as a woman and normal,” Hier said. “She gave that to me, that ability to appreciate the rest of my life and not have to be self-conscious and have that feeling that I have a hat on my head.”

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