Some Grand Ledge parents want their children to go back to in-person learning

(Jace Harper)
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 10:50 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - On Monday evening, the Grand Ledge school district is responding to parents who are protesting for 100–percent in-person learning.

This happens as the district gets ready to launch its hybrid learning plan.

“We’re scheduled next Monday, March 1. Happens to coincide with the governor’s target date of March 1. To increase our in-person opportunities while at the same time maintaining our virtual or our online opportunity for students,” said Interim Superintendent for Grand Ledge Public Schools David Chapin.

Chapin says the school’s data shows new COVID cases have shown a steady decline, and the hybrid learning plan is part of its phased-in approach.

“We set up a red phase, a yellow phase, and a green phase to sort of allow us to advance in-person instruction,” he said.

He says the district has been in a red phase, which is the continuation of small group instruction, special education programming, and certain athletics.

Parents say the school district sent out surveys asking how they wanted their children to continue learning this school year, but they say the school district is not listening to their request.

“We really want the metrics to be amended because it really gridlocks our students and really doesn’t allow for our students to ever reach green and to go back,” said a parent. “We couldn’t keep with the schedule of the school so we had to take them out and we’re homeschooling now.”

Chapin says on Monday 50-percent of students in grades 1 – 12 will move into the yellow phase.

“We have a Monday, Wednesday cohort and a Tuesday, Thursday cohort, and then we have the rest of our students online. Friday for all students will be a virtual option,” said Chapin.

That option provided along with certain COVID-19 guidelines.

“We have a letter of expectations or a home screener, so that as parents send their children to school they will wear a mask, they will keep their hands clean using the sanitizing products that we have at school, they will socially distance.”

He says the administration has been in constant communication with parents.

“We have a safe return guide that we drew from CDC guidelines, we drew from the MI Safe Start map and we have been using that to guide the conversation while at the same time listening to the governor, seeing a new CDC report, listening to what the new president is saying about opening schools,” said Chapin.

The district hopes to move to the green phase and or full in-person learning very soon.

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