‘Tiny homes’ built for student-families at Jackson College

Tiny houses built for student parents
Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 6:43 PM EST
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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - Going back to school when you’re older can be pretty tough, especially if you’re trying to juggle the workload while being a parent. But in Jackson, a special program is hoping to make a big impact on a tiny campus.

Tiny houses are being installed on the Jackson College campus. But, the impact the houses may make is hopefully anything but tiny.

“It’s amazing how much you can fit in this tiny home,” touts Glenn Richards, the Housing Director at Jackson College.

The school is looking to help a group that often doesn’t get the college experience.

“Every year I get a few students that will call and be like, ‘I’m really excited to go back to school, get this opportunity, but I have dependents at home,” Richards says.

Up until now, Richards didn’t have a great solution for those students, but now he does.

These tiny houses will be home to parents who want to go to school but have children. They’re right on campus.

The rent is designed to be affordable and places for childcare are located just up the street.

“A lot of times the single moms are ones that are trying to do something better for themselves,” says Cynthia Allen, COO at Jackson College. “So let’s give someone an opportunity to come out here, live on campus, and live with their partner, or their child as well.”

The houses are pretty slick. They have brand new appliances, an upstairs bedroom, a washer/dryer setup, and they are equipped with a front gate and patio. The mini-homes are located just a few feet from the residence halls.

Jackson College hopes this teeny-tiny program takes off.

“We were at a conference with other presidents and they’re like, ‘are you kidding? I’m ticked off I didn’t think of this first!” jokes Allen.

The tiny village is looking to house something big and meaningful.

“We’re hoping this is just the start of a really nice village, of I don’t know, maybe 20 tiny homes, when it’s all said and done, depending on demand,” says Allen.

Right now, there are four tiny houses set up and ready to be used.

Applications for the homes have not yet opened. You can read more about how to apply here.

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