101-year-old Michigan man beats COVID-19

101-year-old man beats COVID-19
Published: Jan. 28, 2021 at 6:44 PM EST
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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) -Over the past year, the pandemic has taken so many lives and a lot of the stories are tough to hear.

But there are some success stories too like Robert Cole. At 101, Cole came down with the coronavirus in his Jackson care facility, but a few weeks later was able to celebrate his birthday.

“I would love to be able to give him a great big hug. We all do, we all want to give him a hug,” says Geraldine Brody, Cole’s daughter. “I was scared, very scared.”

Cole has been living at the Jackson County Medical Care Facility since May, according to his family.

“He never got real sick,” says Robert Cole, Jr. “He started out with a cough and then a fever. They got the fever down, and they gave him some medication.”

Last week, Cole celebrated his 101st birthday party from the window of the care facility building. The family gathered outside the window while Cole smiled in his party hat.

Cole is a World War II veteran and a longtime Leoni Township fireman. He’s always been relatively healthy. He was even fine after getting hit by a car about twenty years ago.

“I took him to the doctor a while back, and the doctor told him he is as healthy as an ox,” Cole Jr. laughs. “And he said he didn’t see why he couldn’t live to be 110!”

Cole Jr, Brody, and their family are happy, but not surprised that he’s doing okay now.

“He’s a great man,” Brody says. “And he won’t let you get away with anything.”

“He always keeps asking me, when I’m going to come pick him up,” Cole Jr says. “And I said, Dad, we can’t pick you up, you know, because of the virus.”

They’re all ready to see him in person--with no window glass in between--but they’ll have to wait a little while longer to hold their dad again.

“I’m looking forward to the day where I can walk up and give one great big hug. That’s what I want,” Cole Jr. says.

The first step on that journey has started as Cole was able to get vaccinated for the first time last week.

Cole is doing well and the family plans to visit him again from the building’s window very soon.

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