New wave of COVID-19 vaccination scams

Beware: mass vaccination event ticket scams
Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 5:08 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A new kind of COVID-19 vaccine scam is on the rise: mass-vaccination event tickets.

Scammers will sell tickets to mass vaccination events with consumers under the assumption there will be a time and place to get a shot. The only problem is there will be no vaccination event happening at all.

“Scammers are very good at taking what’s happening in the world now and modifying their con to take advantage of uncertainty,” says Troy Baker of the Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan.

Baker says they haven’t had reports of this kind of scam here in Michigan yet, but, that’s likely going to change. He says you’ve got to consider the source of your information, as well as the phase we’re in. If you’re not 65 or older, a first responder, a teacher, a police officer, a child care provider, or a jail staffer, you can’t skip the line.

These are some things to take into account when faced with potential scams:

  • Is the messaging coming from the county health department?
  • Is the messaging from one of the medical facilities?
  • Is it coming from a hospital, or someplace legitimate?

Covid-19 Vaccines should always be free. Therefore, buying tickets to a vaccination event is almost certainly a scam.

If you come across a scam you can report it on the Better Business Bureau website and they can send it on to officials.

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