Study shows gap between men and women getting COVID-19 vaccine

Experts say this may reflect who has been eligible early in the vaccine rollout: health care workers and older adults.
COVID: States struggle to ramp up vaccination efforts
COVID: States struggle to ramp up vaccination efforts
Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 7:20 AM EST
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(WILX) - Who is more likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine: a man or a woman? According to recent CNN data, women are taking the lead in the vaccine race.

The study found roughly twice as many women are getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

The data was from a dozen states, including Michigan, that publish demographic information online.

In at least three of those dozen states, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Nebraska, records that include gender show women account for more than seven in 10 people vaccinated. The percentage of men did not break 39% in any of the states included in the analysis.

“That level of trust people have in how the vaccine has been developed is strongly related to how likely they are to get the vaccine,” said Cary Funk, director of science and society research at Pew Research Center. “In public opinion surveys, when we’re asking about emerging science and tech developments … we tend to see women a little more cautious or wary of those developments and how they’ll be applied.”

Experts say this may reflect more on eligibility being that healthcare workers and seniors are vaccinated first. Women live longer and also represent 76% of full-time health care workers, according to the Census Bureau.

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