Allegations of voter fraud arise before Inauguration Day

(John Locher | AP Photo/John Locher)
Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 10:16 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - About 50 Republicans from Mid-Michigan are gearing up to protest election results in the nation’s capital.

On Wednesday, Congress will count and confirm each state’s electoral votes. Hillsdale County Republicans hope to challenge those votes just ahead of Inauguration Day.

“Our hope is that President Trump is going to be the president on that day,” said Hillsdale Republican Party Chairman Daren Wiseley.

The Republican chair says there are plenty of voter fraud allegations in several key swing states to challenge the votes and change the outcome.

“The massive mail-in voting, while warranted on some level because of the COVID virus, certainly leads to possibilities of fraud that can be abused or taken advantage of when not monitored closely,” said Wiseley.

He claims there were errors with electronic voting, and that 6,000 votes in one county switched from Trump to Biden.

“It’s really a feature of the software that you kind of gotta scratch your head and say you know, whether you want to argue it’s a mistake or not, I can’t prove that it’s not a mistake. But why does that even happen?” said Wiseley.

He says it will only take one representative and one senator to challenge the electoral votes.

So, the group hopes to make an impact.

“We’re really tired of the way we’re portrayed as sore losers or something like that because the evidence is there,” he said.

Many allegations of voter fraud have been rejected in courts across the country.

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