Seven-year-old publishes book during pandemic

Like many of us, Mackenzie’s life changed when the pandemic hit
Little girl becomes author
Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 4:09 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - It’s not often you hear of a seven-year-old publishing a book, but the COVID-19 pandemic has motivated Mackenzie Smith to write one called, ‘My New Normal”, about her life during these unprecedented times.

“The book is about how coronavirus started and how I’m staying safe,” Mackenzie Smith said.

Like many of us, Mackenzie’s life changed when the pandemic hit.

“Instead of seeing her friends everyday now she has to be home and talk to her friends via zoom,” said Mackenzie’s mother, Erkia Smith. “She cried, she talked about being sad, and how she missed her teachers so much and now what it’s like (for her) going into first grade.”

To help work through her feelings and frustration she started writing -- something that is in her blood.

“She was inspired by my mom, Dr. Carmen; she has written a couple books so that’s how we were able to get that process going,” Erkia said.

Mackenzie and her grandma started writing the book in august and by the end of November it was published on amazon. Within the first month they sold over 250 copies. “I was surprised, I didn’t think it was going to go that fast, it’s amazing the community support I think it’s a lesson for the parents to never underestimate the kids minds, they are very smart,” said Mackenzie’s Father, Martel Smith.

Mackenzie’s book doles out some common-sense advice about CDC guidelines.

“You have to wash your hands for twenty seconds, if you don’t socially distance you can get sick,” Mackenzie said. She also explains to parents what their kid’s needs are from a kid’s perspective. “Ask your child about their day, cook meals together, let your child know everything is going to be alright,” Mackenzie said.

‘My New Normal” is available to purchase on Amazon. It is also available for kindles, through Amazon.

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