“How The Gretch Stole Christmas” rally event organizers want to bring Christmas cheer

Published: Dec. 23, 2020 at 10:59 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - On Wednesday, organizers who refer to themselves as patriots, came together at the state Capitol for a Christmas event they call “How the Gretch stole Christmas.”

The event featured music, a Christmas light parade, and even Santa made an appearance.

“We will not let the Gretch take away our Christmas cheer,” said organizer Bethany Brown Heikkila.

That was the message of hundreds of patriots who rallied at the Michigan state capitol on Wednesday.

Organizers say they’re unhappy with the COVID-19 restrictions; saying they interfere with how they plan to spend Christmas.

“Taking away all of our freedoms, not letting us get together with families, or trying to stop us from getting together with our family,” she said.

They invited vendors to come out and make sales, but they believe their bold message kept them from coming.

“I think a lot of them unfortunately have been scared away. I don’t know if, you know, they’ve been attacked by outsiders or just the whole pressure of not wanting to lose their business license,” said organizer Adam Heikkila.

While vendors didn’t show, t-shirts and other items were sold, along with collected donations for a local veterans group.

“We’re asking people to bring some donations. We have a list of different items that they are in need of many of these different organizations that help groups in the communities that are in great need right now of you know just simple items,” he said.

They say this rally will inspire others to spread some Christmas cheer.

“Get out there and enjoy your families this Christmas. Let’s stop living in fear. Let’s do the things to be healthy, and let’s spread some Christmas cheer, okay?” he said.

News 10 reached out to Democratic lawmakers for a comment and haven’t heard back.

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