Williamston man inspires and brings joy with Christmas decorations

Published: Dec. 21, 2020 at 10:39 PM EST
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WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WILX) - Every year, Vernon Richter goes above and beyond to celebrate the Christmas season.

He says his inspiration started when he was a child.

“Came from a family that financially, we didn’t have a lot. During Christmas time, a lot of times, we’d go out. My Ma would get us in the car,” said Richter.

“We’d drive around and look at Christmas lights... that was always a big deal to us. I remember being so mesmerized by all the beautiful Christmas lights and decoration and it just kind of stuck with me,” he said.

Mesmerized by the decorations his family once couldn’t afford, now his own creations at his home in Williamston are inspiring others.

One of them is an 8-year-old who sent him a letter expressing his thanks.

“I finally got to meet her and her family this last Friday, so I kind of gave them a tour around. It was really nice... self-fulfilling,” he said.

Richter is also a local healthcare worker. He says this year is by far the most labor he’s put into spreading the holiday cheer.

Hand-crafting his decorations with chicken wire, installing a separate electrical box, and placing lights high in the trees -- to be admired from afar.

“Usually take a week off work plus a few more days, approximately about 80 hours to do it all. I know my family and friends enjoy it. Plus, people in the public drive by and they seem to enjoy it too,” he said.

He says the pandemic should stop the joy of the season.

“We, you know, I think it’s been a challenging year for most people. I hope this brings joy to people’s hearts,” he said.

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