Michigan student stars in Christmas film

Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 9:31 AM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - In today’s ‘Schools Rule,’ WILX News 10 is introducing everyone to an 11-year-old student who is not only a sixth grader at Michigan Connections Academy-he is also a movie star.

Ethan Mathias is in ‘Miracle On Christmas’ on Amazon Prime. When asked why someone should check the new-release out, Ethan had this response:

“’What other movie has come out recently?’”

The witty 11-year-old continued:

“As long as you enjoy the stuff that you do have and can do, things will be better.”

It is pretty sound advice from an 11-year-old, but Ethan is not the typical sixth grade student.

As one of the main characters in ‘Miracle On Christmas,’ Ethan can officially add a feature-length film to his resume.

“It’s better to focus on the things you have instead of focusing on the things you don’t have,” Ethan explained. He goes on to say that being grateful is something everyone should focus on for Christmas 2020. “That’s basically what the entire movie is about,” he continued.

“This is a movie that speaks to hope and the hope that comes with Christmas through Christ,” explained Thomas Bonifield, the writer and director of ‘Miracle On Christmas.’ “It’s a lot like a Hallmark or a Lifetime movie but I think it really resonated with people and it’s a little deeper in terms of the subject matter.”

WILX does not want to give away the movie plot, but it is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Filming happened primarily in late winter 2019 in Brighton, Michigan. Ethan says juggling his schoolwork and filming schedule was actually pretty easy.

“With this school that I’m doing, I can bring my school anywhere,” Ethan explained. “It’s like my entire school is inside a laptop.”

Ethan is enrolled in Michigan Connections Academy, an online public school. His mom says it works perfectly for her son who was born to perform.

“He can read out loud, he can sing, he can drum, whatever he wants to do and he doesn’t disrupt anybody,” said Lisa Mathias, Ethan’s mom.

“All these super big movies were supposed to come out, but ‘Boom!’ they were canceled and now the only option you have is this movie,” Ethan joked.

‘Miracle On Christmas’ is available on Amazon Prime.

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